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Provide health systems with product transparency—an understanding of what’s in the products hospitals buy, how they’re made, where they come from, and what happens when they are discarded.

Update or add your products to the MindClick Environmental Health (EH) Index™

Here’s how we make it easy for you to share your information.


A standardized framework.

The EH Index™ follows a framework created by Kaiser Permanente and Healthcare Without Harm, in collaboration with hospitals, GPOs and NGOs industrywide.


From spreadsheets, to easy-to-use product intelligence.

The EH Index™ transforms your data into ratings so your customers can actually understand your contributions to waste reduction, efficiency, and avoidance of chemicals of concern.


Centralized data collection and reporting.

The EH Index™ stores your data and matches it with your customers’ requests, eliminating the need to fill out hundreds of spreadsheets. You can update data at any time, avoiding the last minute scramble for answers.

Product intelligence reduces risk and provides a roadmap for progress.

MindClick’s EH product ratings reveal how the choices made throughout a product’s lifecycle — including raw materials, chemicals, production practices, and packaging — directly affect the product’s impact on quality, efficiency, waste and environmental health.

Sustainability efforts exist in 90% of the industry’s top health systems, so supplier EH data is key to the contracting decision process.

Premier, Vizient and their member health systems are analyzing the EH performance of their existing contracts.

Among GPOs and health systems, the collection of EH data, commonly known as EPP, is now an expected part of RFIs and RFPs.

GPOs are promoting products with positive EH performance to their members, helping high performing suppliers gain market share.

Almost 1,500 hospitals participate in Healthier Hospital Initiatives

EH data matters as health systems set specific goals to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and eliminate exposure of chemicals of concern among high risk patient populations.

2019 Practice Greenhealth Top 25 Environmental Excellence Award Honorees

Meet the demand for product transparency.

EH data impacts decision-making across health systems.

“…We want to know what is going into the supplies and ensure we are sourcing what is best for the patient while also eliminating harm to the environment.”

- Raquel Gonzalez, Enterprise Director, Supply Chain: El Camino

EH product intelligence for value analysis committees.

In 2018, Rochester Regional awarded a $380k+ contract to a supplier as a direct result of better environmental health performance and cost savings. Initially, the supplier was not the preferred choice. But including EH performance as part of their value analysis decision criteria changed everything.

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