MSAP Explained

Heathy design through the MindClick Sustainability Assessment Program (MSAP).

MSAP in Action: Behind the Ratings

MSAP rates social and environmental impacts throughout the product life cycle. MindClick assigns a score out of a possible 200 points based on the 9 key metrics shown.

MSAP in Action: Sustainability Made Easy

Certifications and eco-labels provide the proof points. MSAP consolidates the results through ratings, making it easy to compare products and performance.

MSAP in Action: Vendor Ratings

Ratings tell the story of suppliers and their products.

JANUS et Cie makes an outdoor furniture product called JANUS Aluminum. The product gets a score of 160 out of a possible 200 points. What makes JANUS Aluminum a Leader?

  • Product has received 3rd party chemical certifications
  • Packaging is made of sustainable raw materials, is recyclable and has been reduced/optimized
  • Product is recyclable/usable
  • Social policies and audits are in place at manufacturing facilities
Dave Lippert, VP of Global Design Procurement

MSAP in Action: Marriott Prototypical Design Programs

MSAP provides Marriott’s Global Design Strategies teams an easy way to meet Serve360 goals. The teams creating new prototypical design programs review MSAP ratings and target vendors with higher scoring products. The result is high performing designs that deliver healthier environments for guests, associates and the global community.

How a Marriott Brand Prototype Package Earned a Leader Rating

Specified products with MSAP Leader ratings made it happen

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  • Discover the designers and the vendors creating healthier environments
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  • Access tools to make healthy design specification a standard practice

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